English: This photo was taken near the Woodsto...

English: This photo was taken near the Woodstock music festival on August 18, 1969. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ho consegnato le bozze del secondo lavoro, Due orecchini spaiati, all’Editore. I tempi tecnici sono ancora più lunghi. Nel frattempo stiamo curando la versione in lingua tedesca che sarà a cura di Carmelo Catania.

A presto

“I Tarantolati” News, June 2009

The Silence of the Eyes – Il Filo – Albatros, 2009

Renato Gentile another writer and intellectual person of our South. He was born in Messina, Sicily but living in Reggio Emilia. Psychologist. Scientist of hidden plots of our brains, but also sound engineer and musician. He has just written a futuristic novel: The Silence of the Eyes.

A story of emotions and scientific at the same time. Punctuated by impalpable, Ethereal, rhythms of rock music. That originate from the sounds of the soul. the real music that is far from the putrid trade chains. is the music to be the most solid constant in his life, as well as the characters in his novel.

The “real music”, that is very far from the rotten chain of commerce. Music is the constant strongest of his life as well as the characters in his novel.

A.   Renato, The book is full-bodied, over 400 pages, this is certainly a long process but I would like to know your inspiration. It’s the result of a long meditation, or a sudden inspiration?

Certainly of a sudden inspiration. The spark was given, once again, from my relationship with music. But it is clear that the spark blew up years of work, love and research. In one brief moment has made evident to me the emotions of my life that I related to music. My own life.

The characters, the protagonists, in the story are, more or less, real. My intense past as a musician helped me as well as the knowledge of real people I met in the past, their daily problems and their own existence. I mean both musician and academics.

My characters come from the roads and the paths I have traveled o crossed. The life that I have seen like man, teacher and musician too.

A.   During the presentation of the book you’re always talking about the commercial music (like easy and disco) and its business. The commercialization of music seems to be, for you, one of the most serious evils of the modern world, is it?

Oh Gosh, certainly it is. Of course. I am really upset with the soundtracks of adolescent sentimentality too. Well, let’s start from Woodstock. 1969 was a crucial moment in the history of mankind because we understood the emotional flow of music and musical event. Music embodies an emotion enjoyed by such a large number of people to become policy, howl of rebellion and dissent. The system takes note of this state of affairs. The radio starts to spread the music and becomes a dangerous “instrument”, means of communication. It was necessary to soften the hard creative revolution of rock music; push down it, dramatically down to pure entertainment. Emptied of its artistic and innovative content and turn it into a pure decoration, a pretext. The rock concert becomes a precooked packaging, as well as disk recording. Politicians should reward to record producers for how they managed to stop the “dangerous” music. The real music.

A.   Let’s move on to the scientific aspect. Would you describe your book a cybernetic novel?

Probably. Cybernetic is someone who works to decrease errors and uncertainties, to fill gaps between machine language and the great complexity of human languages. In this sense the novel can be defined cybernetic. But isn’t. Emotional human relations also need to reduce misunderstandings and frustrations. The dialogues contained in the story are an example.

A.   Admitted to be true that the author is reflected in every character he created, there is a character in your book which you think you resemble most?

One would be there but discover it is always the responsibility of the reader. His intuition or imagination. However, I suggest that it could also be a female character.

Thank You Renato

The Silence of the Eyes is a book that excited. It makes you try and live feelings and moods. It is not just a novel but a scientific book. Rehin teaches the machine the secrets of human relationships through music, and that’s probably the way of the story. Have a good read.

Melo Mafali – June, 6. 2009


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