Education vs Experience

Welcome to my new Blog

I got Educational Psychology degree specialization at Faculty of Medicine of Siena University, in 1988, in the same place I began my academic career teaching “orto-pedagogy”, that means something like psycho-pedagogic approach.

Through the years I have developped and applied some methodological models of re-educational behavioral approachs. I also presented to the ABA scientific community the whole experimental results and comments. In the meanwhile, I covered the teaching of,  both general and advanced, themes of experimental psychology in some Italian Universities too.
I am an “expert” in effective verbal communication; I deal with attentive, empathic education, addressing developmental children and adolescent, mostly oriented to increase cognitive and creative skills at the top and high level type of operation.
These Educational models and relational patterns, derived from the experimental analysis of behavior (Applied Behavior Analysis) in education.
My second field of interest concern the analysis and solution of Panic Attack Disoerder. To this human trouble I dedicated a particular methodological and multidisciplinary interest.
I planned to yeld available, including through Internet, my experience, in the field of Re-education (people with difficulties in interaction), through the powerfull vehicle of human education: the verbal language.
I hope to meet your warm attention and enjoy the gift of participation.
Happy blogging

Renato Gentile

Adjunct Member of the Special Interest Group in Computer Users & Behavior
Analysis in Education of ABA (Association for Behavior Analysis).

Teacher at School of Specialization in Behavioural Psychotherapy AIAMC, since 1993.

Collaborating Professional at Institute for Child Behavior Research, San Diego,
CA, USA, directed by Professor Bernard Rimland, since 1989.




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