Just the same Name

It was my birthday many years ago. As always many friends crowded into my house. A young girl, friend of one’s of mine, a student, accompanied him. Just twenty years later, during a meeting with colleagues (not musicians) I find her in front of me. She was just a woman. As if by magic something clicks in my heart and in her heart.

For a long time I was just a stray; I lived alone on myself. So I open my life. Happily.

I was sure to heal the wounds, heal the past, living love every day. With her.

But I wrong to put the right segments of the relationship in the right place, the hardness of my personality resurfaced.

With the same simplicity, the relationship sunk. There is no time still, everything is gone, finished, withered. Is the circle of life.

40th anniversary of school license, a few nights ago. Great meeting, all the “students” of last class. My literature teacher told me – now – what she thought about me and what she saw, at that time, inside my soul, deep in my hearth. It was all true: like it is true, now, that I have nothing. Nothing more.

The same name does not mean the same hearth. Of course.



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