Picture Shot: # 1

A Norwegian Christmas, 1846 painting by Adolph...

A Norwegian Christmas, 1846 painting by Adolph Tidemand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While Rehin was driving, his mental space, the whole universe of signals within and around him, changed. The atmosphere of reflections on the architecture of rational thought thinned itself and earn a soft smell of return, of foresight. A light impalpable serenity, like in the nights near Christmas, that tell you that will be special find together again, but not to celebrate a desire to unite together in peace. But, finally realized peace in the world.

He let in fresh air in the car and concentrated him on the sm

ell of the wood, leaving the mountains and plains scenery as backcloth.

He liked to revise, in neighboring memories, the imago of Tanila that runs towards him. And then go through the large courtyard to embraced together. In those silent moments they looked each other and smiled at them both.

Their smiles and kisses seemed to express a concern escaped. Something that would have could separate them. A kind of “danger dispelled,” so great was the joy of meeting again.

As if waking from a dream sad, you realize that everything is different, and what had happened is not true. That no one, in practice, we took away anything about.

In the meanwhile Rehin had come home.

He saw the backlit silhouette of Tanila leave the window and the landing light came on. He heard the hurried footsteps of her reverberating between the walls and the arcades of the court yard.

Do not embracing each as everyone would expect them to do. Their hands seemed to seeking cheeks, hips, eyes and hair to caress and touch them.

As a blind person, who regained his sight, can recognize a person only by touch, to trace the contours of the face: dabs and caresses the shapes and boundaries of the traits of body to sent information to the areas of the brain specialized to recognition.

They search their respective scents while eyes looking for eyes to listen and lips to heard. Then said they were “hallo”. Whispering. Quietly they disappeared from the sight of all those windows. The life still live.

Renato Gentile

Drawn from: “The silent of Eyes”, 2009



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