Music makes us moving

High resolution fMRI of the Human brain.

High resolution fMRI of the Human brain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Music makes us moving. Music has a kinetic power that drives us to make movements of different types. Now many scientists have highlighted these effects. The music activates brain centers of motor planning in response to the music.

The music lead us to a movement, an interpreted movement. My scientists fiends have discovered this. They found the brain centers involved in the movement activated by music.

Like musician this finding is clear, what they found is true, We can say that (we know) it was so. The research needs scientific evidence. Like drummer I suggest that it is not the music track but the rhythm that induce us to move. Certainly this is just my own opinion, let the scientist to think about it.

Another aspect (that other scientists have investigated) thereupon the emotional response of our organism to music. I spend a lot of time to explain this correlation on my book. I have invested time inside the fMRI to see which areas of the brain were activated by the music of Pat Metheny, Andreas Volleinweider and Gentle Giant.

These researches comfort me because for many years I thought I was an alien; my behavior was unusual. While listening music I move my hands like a mime. I moved my arms too and my head swayed slowly as said, always, “yes”. I feel the heart beats “go” at different rate and breath follows it; the electrical conduction skin lettings chills to cross my back, arms and legs. As a rule I close my eyes and smile often. An accurate stupid. I’m better now, I can think be normal. Can I?

Finally – just to return the pleasure – I would like to offer a suggestion to my fellow scientists: every time I sit on drum I feel happy, serene, cheerful. Have you any explanation for this behavioral disorder? Should I be concerned?

Music is really a basic medicine for the soul.

Try to stand still, without moving while listening (watching) Gentle Giant, 1978.

Renato Gentile



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