Female orgasm: why did it work?

Orgasm Bridge HDR

Orgasm Bridge HDR (Photo credit: edbrambley)

If you are passionate about human evolution sooner or later you’ll find yourself having to think – and try to give an answer – to one of the puzzles, and “hot”, area of research in evolutionary psychology: the female orgasm. Suddenly you bump against it for different reasons. The psychological pressure of the question “why women have orgasms?” pushes you so far as to lose orientation. Does female orgasm an evolutionary function?”. Is it an adaptation? Why? The scientists have the compass and then follow the map.

The first step of the map, as well known, is to examine the scientific literature: what we know about the topic. I, as always, before tackling the literature reflect on: starting from “what I know” about the subject and trying to find an answer like a “layman”.

I follow my thoughts, I guess variables to consider and – most importantly in this case – the context and the “dynamics”: social and cultural ones. I even draw a map of any “traps” scattered on the ground in witch is easy to fall in. At the end I began studying and discover various approaches.

The issue in question, the female orgasm, is extremely delicate; you have no idea from where to beginning then you start from “big theories”. The ones that are monopolizing – since a long time – the attention and the interest of researchers. Two hypotheses have been more popular. I hug one, momentarily, because I would not support it fully. Certainly not now.

The reason is simple: the material on which we lead our research (experimental investigations) is different from the original. It has evolved. We assume that this behavior (that we can be seen today) was developed.

It served to our ancestor to adapt and survive. But when it grow-up and why? In which era it emerged? We know nothing.

Maybe, in a certain moment, it was present and has left traces in our present-day behavior, but we lack the original basic tracks. And we have no fossils to study: the behavior does not leave fossils. Blimey!

Sometimes we can have help by having a reference on animal’s behavior (especially primates) and always this comparison returns helpful. Sometimes.

Therefore, as far as I’m concerned we should try to study this behavior in populations still close to the primitive state. Or people who have had very little contact with – so-called – Western civilization. Or refer to populations that still follow oral ancient traditions that may be of interest to shed light on this “pleasant” human theme.

I will try, little by little, to explain what is my vision (hypothesis) on female orgasm evolution and especially what leads me to be very skeptical about some research shared in the scientific community.

I see a few mistakes, not methodological ones, of course, but cultural.

See you soon

Renato Gentile

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