Women and Dogs

English: Walt Disney signature

English: Walt Disney signature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, since few months, I have observed at women who walk with their dogs. Why? Because is a prodigy of science.

I have to be honest: Walt Disney was a genius. He had seen far in the future.

I am remembering the early minute of the cartoon One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Fantastic. Let’s get back to science.

I have (good) reasons to suspect that a new species of dog have been cloned. A species that can thoroughly understand the human language. But it is not the only suspect I have. Considering the kind of requests and the ways of speaking of women I think that the dog is (also) able of verbal response. There is not any (shadow of) doubt.

I wonder: is it possible that science is hiding, at the eyes of community this discovery? Maybe (probably) it’s a (collective) case as that of Doctor Dolittle? No, is not an occurrence comparable to the movie. Here is something more than a simple “gift of nature”, certainly is genetic engineering, or nanotechnology and stem cell implants.

What a great progress: speak and talk to the dog and be understood. I wonder how the dog responds, may it writes. the dog had not “vocal cords” then it writes. Surely.

Women that talking with dogs and dogs that communicate with women.

I wonder: it is an Italian experimentation? European study? Global research. I don’t know. I have to keep in touch some colleagues of mine.

Wow, I can’t believe; what a scientific progress.

Renato Gentile


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