News in autism: water multi-systemic therapy

Subject: Quinn, a boy with autism, and the lin...

Subject: Quinn, a boy with autism, and the line of toys he made before falling asleep See more about Quinn at: Date: Circa 2003 Place: Walnut Creek, California Photographer: Andwhatsnext Original digital photograph (cropped and resized) Credit: Copyright (c) 2003 by Nancy J Price (aka Mom) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You never stop to learn nor to be amazed. I do love surprise me even today, as a child. I love becoming indignant too especially when someone deceived people.

I am surprised by the therapeutic imagination but I feel angry when the promises are false. And I become ferocious when I smell deception.

Now, we have a new invention, a strong and useful treatment for autistic syndrome, a new and special treatment.

A couple of I.S.I. = Italian “Scientists of Imagination” had invented a new great, useful, therapy for autistic children. Oh sorry, it is not a therapy but a method. A great new method: the multi-systemic therapy in water (TMA for friends). Wow. They are: Mr. Caputo and Mr. Ippolito. Remember their names, it is too important. You might meet them both on the red carpet.

In what does the new fantastic method?

Uhm, Very good question. Thank you for

They claim (without any data at all, of course) that water is a powerful emotional, sensorial and motor activator. The water activates, pushes, the subject – with communication disorder and/or autism – in a significant relationship with others. This kind of therapy allows you to get in strong touch with not communicative autistic children.

That’s incredible. This is too fantastic. I think, we all think, all the scientists in Italy thinks that they will (soon) be awarded the Nobel Prize. Do you?

Things as hell.

I can’t be proud. Does someone should inform them that we are in 2013? That a man called Gutenberg had invented the printing and that many books are been written since than to now?

I think: Are not enough too many unnecessary therapy, as well as ineffective and expensive, invented in recent decades? It is necessary to tease out the parents of autistic children with false hopes? Can we accept that someone offends researchers, autistic children and parents?

I think not. It is time to put an end to the cunning. We must express our outrage.

Thank you

Renato Gentile

PS Naturally, they organize expensive workshops where will provide you specific tools to activate the impaired emotional and relational skills.


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