Return to fantasy

In our education system (Italy) the fantasy was never rewarded, originality is seen as diversity – almost a problem. An attitude that does not meet the requirements of uniformity. A disorder. A case to be assigned to psychiatrists and psychologists diverted.

A hierarchy of disciplines – carefully related to school education – folded the imagination and finally dissipated it as it was not a value.

Instead, the fantasy it should be the fundamental principle with which educate our children.

This is not a “news” and certainly it is not my invention.

Children hold an enormous power of imagination. Man is born imaginative, creative, original, inventive. The education system does not appreciate this quality and then deny it and finally destroy it. Teachers are often the defenders – and actuators – of this project. It is a crime.

Our country, as other ones, needs to implement fantasy in employment and manufacturing. It would be appropriate and necessary to think and act with imagination.

The institutions that boast projects to develop children imagination make me (we) laugh.

They claim to operate in a different way, better than others who do not have these pedagogic “capabilities”. Very fun.

Children have the abilities not the people who are working with. Always they do not even know how to develop and maintain the fantasy.

They have no idea what the imagination is but claim to know how to do

Imagination - HNBD

Imagination – HNBD (Photo credit: HNBD)

with children. So they have devised a new professional figure: the “atelier” woman.

Yes, this is really a great fantasy.

If writers stopped writing about what happened to them, then there would be a lot of empty pages.



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