ADHD: that show

English: Symptoms of ADHD described by the lit...

English: Symptoms of ADHD described by the literature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was browsing among the shelves of the library looking for a book in Christmas time: Science, technology, novel and, why not, psychology.

Then I get kidnapped by a title: “I can’t stop myself”. Wow another book on ADHD syndrome. The author is a great unknown scientist, for now, Zaccardi Merli.

I read a few paragraphs and I think to myself: “quite a fancy book, it’s in the wrong shelves.

It argues that the syndrome is determined by the child’s mother. A very bad news, as always, for mothers’ children. In fact the disease growth by their relationship. It could not be otherwise.

If the mother sees the child as an own object, let’s say that she cannot do without him – she cannot lives without him – and if the great love she fells is not limited by the husband’s function, the child may generate hyperactivity. The activity has become his temporary replacement of the mother. Fantastic, wonderful. Gorgeous.

The remedy, the essential care, of course, is represented by the psychoanalytic therapy. Yeah.

Often, alas, some parents interrupt the therapy because they feel the healing as a detachment of the son so they are afraid  of the emancipation of the son. So it is necessary a psychotherapy for parents too. Two birds with one stone. Great. Immense.

As we know it is very difficult to formulate a correct diagnosis of ADHD Syndrome but the psychoanalyst says that is the child who state the diagnosis. During the therapy, at one point, the child declare: I can’t stop myself. Here’s the diagnosis. Very great. The child makes his diagnosis. The best and trust diagnosis. During the therapy (while therapist becomes the child’s unconscious spokesperson) the child identifies himself with hyperactivity.

Someone is talking about Nobel recognition.

We don’t need researchers, scientists and specialists; just the child.

With great decrease of health Nation’s costs.

I am asking to myself: could do it even the psychoanalyst? Oh. Sorry, they already works so.

I ask you: how much longer we should live with the ghost of psychoanalysis?

Happy New Year to whom who really work at the this disorder.

Renato Gentile



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