The refusal hurts too much

The human being is part of the living species that have social structure.

An old, very old article, that appeared in the journal Psychological Bulletin of 2005 highlighted that exist in the human brain, an overlap between the headquarters of the observable reactions to physical pain and the answers derived from social rejection in education. Are two aspects, two similar behavioural reactions, like, who are based in the same area, ancient, of our brains. The necessity proximity, contact, acceptance and participation in the group is (by definition) a vital need to consider. The physical survival of our species has been strongly linked to the acceptance and participation in the group.

Our current organization, our lifestyle has darkened, faded, the importance of this condition. Living in group and interact within this is necessary for our survival. Certainly to survive (today) we do not depend by social acceptance of the group, as thousands of years ago, but our emotional reactions are the same as our ancestors. We still need to be and feel accepted, welcomed, even if this does not affect our physical existence. If it does not occur we can feel such a pain. This knowlwdge is a guideline in education. Especially in Italy.

So: what does this data mean? Simple.

Both the physical pain, whether social rejection stimulate and activate the same area of ​​the brain that leads to trigger an avoidance behavior and escape. Two topographically and functionally different events generate a similar response.

We face rejection as it were an issue of life or death. From these indications we can derived modules and educational attitudes more in line with human nature, without the scaffolding and philosophic carpentry.
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2 thoughts on “The refusal hurts too much

  1. Thank you for this blog! I was recently diagnosed with a neurological disorder, but it was both the neurological and emotional effect of this disease that has caused my current physical condition. The rejection, however, was internal. I had previously dealt with depression, so the new diagnosis caused me to further reject my body before anyone else could.

    Mi piace


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